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As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are regularly reaching out to Kiwis, including business owners, to understand their current headspace. We are committed to providing this information free of charge to help make a difference where we can.


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Brand Sentiment: Top 10 Brands




1 July Pulse

As the New Zealand Government continues to make critical decisions concerning COVID-19, debate has opened up among the nation about what is expected from our leaders in a time of crisis.

Business decisions have also caused consumer sentiment to shift both positively and negatively towards certain brands. Which leads us to this week’s question: which brands came out strong after the lockdown—and which ones still have work to do?

This week we found:

  • Food retailers attained the strongest positive sentiment, holding an average index score of +80.
  • Telco’s (+60) and Banks (+68) sit in the middle tier, while some retailers and other industries have achieved a negative index score.


Rise in negativity reflects the rise in new cases

While the majority of Kiwis remain positive at the beginning of July (72%), 14 days of confirmed cases leaking through has led to increases in concern and negativity.

  • Concerned NZers (16 June: 25% vs 1 July: 29%).
  • Net negativity (16 June: 35% vs 1 July: 38%).


Confidence in the government has plummeted

Recent developments such as active cases moving around the country and non-compulsory testing at our border has left just over half of NZers believing the government is doing all that they can, a significant drop compared to two weeks ago (75% vs 57%).

  • Almost one-third of NZers are satisfied with the government's response, but feel they could do more.
  • 1 in 10 NZers are unsatisfied with the government's response and believe they are not doing enough.


Kiwis are feeling left in the dark

In terms of government communication, a greater number of NZers are feeling left in the dark.

  • Two-thirds say they are receiving a necessary level of information, significantly lower than June results.
  • Compared to June, we have more NZers feeling that they are not receiving enough information.




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As the COVID-19 situation changes, so will we

The impact of COVID-19 on the economy and trading conditions is expected to continue for the next six to twelve months. As the nation opens back up for business, our focus will shift to providing business the insights they need to get back on their feet and prepare for the year ahead.

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