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A glimpse into the hearts and minds of Kiwis during COVID-19.


As the COVID-19 situation unfolds, we are regularly reaching out to Kiwis, including business owners, to understand their current headspace. We are committed to providing this information free of charge to help make a difference where we can.


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20 May Summary

Negative emotions are easing

The reduction of lockdown restriction and going back to something closer to a ‘normal’ routine has led to New Zealanders feeling less stressed, scared or sad.


Concern about COVID-19 resurgence is high

Despite our domestic situation improving, almost two-thirds of New Zealanders continue to be concerned towards a resurgence of the virus (21 April: 64% vs 20 May: 61%).


Kiwis still wary despite the shift to Alert Level 2

Despite the drop in confirmed cases and moving down Alert Levels, New Zealanders are still concerned about the economy and public exposure risk.

  • Exposure to more people and the risk that comes with it (21 April: 47% vs 20 May: 42%).
  • Economic conditions (21 April: 43% vs 20 May: 46%).
  • Leaving lockdown too early (21 April: 46% vs 20 May: 35%).


Nearly one-third of NZers have lost their job or feel like they will lose it soon.

The economic effects of COVID-19 continue to build with almost one-third of New Zealanders affected by job losses or feeling they likely will be.

  • Of those who are still working the same occupation prior to COVID-19, 1 in 5 have had their hours or their salary reduced/or have taken leave (paid or unpaid) to support their employer.


Kiwis looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family the most.

Throughout Alert Level 2, New Zealanders have looked forward the most to reconnecting with family and friends. This has increased since the move out of Alert Level 4 (21 April: 44% vs 20 May: 62%). Meanwhile, over one-third of New Zealanders also look forward to getting a haircut.


NZers feeling more positive about returning to their usual activities.

As lockdown restrictions are lifted, New Zealanders are feeling more positive towards starting activities they were not able to do previously.

  • Getting back to normal life (21 April: 38% vs 20 May: 49%).
  • Shopping normally (21 April: 27% vs 20 May: 48%).
  • Socialising (21 April: 20% vs 20 May: 40%).
  • Eating out (21 April: 26% vs 20 May: 34%).
  • Travelling (21 April: 17% vs 20 May: 33%).



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As the COVID-19 situation changes, so will we

The impact of COVID-19 on the economy and trading conditions is expected to continue for the next six to twelve months. As the nation opens back up for business, our focus will shift to providing business the insights they need to get back on their feet and prepare for the year ahead.

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