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The economic, social and technology changes of the last few years have not only had a ripple effect on people’s attitudes and needs, but also what motivates and drives their behaviour.

We'll work with you to make sense of this disruption by identifying and prioritising the optimum moments to connect with and influence your customers in this new landscape.

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We invite you to have an online consultation with one of our research experts. In this initial discussion we can help you to understand where you are on your insights journey, and help guide you on the next steps towards building your business intelligence.

Our experts can help you:

  • Evaluate targeting, segmentation and positioning strategies.
  • Leverage existing customer data to uncover new opportunities. 
  • Explore ways to improve marketing and campaign effectiveness.
  • And more!

What our clients say

"Perceptive successfully inform our customer journeys end to end." —Wesfarmers

"The Perceptive team are well versed in conducting GLOBAL RESEARCH and the complexity and nuances that come with this. The team is very responsive and no matter the curve ball, always do the work with a smile." —XERO 

"The team at Perceptive are great to work with. They genuinely care about the direction we take our business." —Trade Me

"The completed research was hugely beneficial to us as an organisation and has provided us with key insights on how best we can improve and grow." —First Foundation