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Gain a complete picture of your customers’ spending behaviour and make smarter, better-informed decisions about the way your operate with transactional data. 

As a partner of Worldline—New Zealand's largest EFTPOS provider with over 1 billion transactions a year—we have access to behavioural spending data to help you understand how consumers spend and shop both in and out of your category. 

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We invite you to chat with one of our research experts. In this initial discussion we can help you to understand where you are on your data journey and help guide you on the next steps towards building your business intelligence.

In 30 minutes we will:

  • Evaluate your existing business intelligence and identify any gaps.
  • Give you advice on using transactional data to unlock category and regional insights.
  • Assess what behavioural and transactional data you need to start uncovering powerful insights for your business. 

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