Your Guide to the Upgraded Perceptive Panel

Common FAQS

How tlog in

Visit the Perceptive homepage and click on the panel button in the top right hand corner.


You’ll come to the page below. Click Login.


Enter your email address and your recently changed password.





How to complete your profile 

You can update your details via the Account Details and Profile tabs on your dashboard. Having your profile up to date will ensure you will get surveys that are relevant to you. 



How to see active surveys 

You will of course be sent an email inviting you to participate in new surveys that are launched. 

However, when you are logged into the panel platform you can also see what surveys are available as well as a record of surveys you’ve completed or any incomplete surveys you have started. Simply click Surveys.  




Rewards will now be displayed in points 

Our new system will display your balance in points rather than currency with 10 points = $1. Rest assured all existing balances will be correctly converted into points. In the event the points come out as a decimal, our team will round this up to the nearest point so you get maximum value.  



How many points do I need to claim rewards? 

When you reach 100 points you will be able to redeem reward to the value of NZ$10.00.  

When you reach 200 points you will be able to redeem rewards to the value of NZ$20.00. 

The only exception is PayPal which is paid in US$. Therefore, for PayPal, when you reach 140 points you will be able to redeem reward to the value of US$10.00. 



Where can I spend my rewards? 

  • PayPal 

Through our GiftPay platform you can also choose to spend your rewards with: 

  • Mitre 10  
  • Mighty Ape 
  • Farmers 
  • Sephora 
  • Kathmandu 
  • Dominos 
  • Supercheap Auto 
  • Michael Hill 
  • OPSM 
  • Sunglass Hut 
  • Strandbags 
  • Whitcoulls  
  • Event Cinemas 
  • Webjet 
  • Spark mobile recharge 
  • Vodafone mobile recharge 
  • 2Degrees mobile recharge 
  • Sony Playstation Network 
  • Apple Store 
  • Xbox Live 
  • World Animal Protection NZ 
  • Child Fund NZ 
  • isubscribe. 

All gift cards/vouchers are electronic and are instantly delivered to your inbox on redemption. 



How do I redeem my rewards? 

1. Log in to your panel account. 

2. Click Rewards.


3. Select the redemption option you would like, such as Amazon, PayPal or GiftPay (where you can choose from dozens of big-name brands, including Mitre 10, Farmers, Liquorland, Mighty Ape and more!) 

4. Choose your reward and click Redeem.




What happens when I redeem points for an Gift Card?

When you redeem points for an Amazon online gift card you will instantly receive an email confirming your redemption was successful and includes a unique redemption code/link (see example below). Please note you must have an account to use this code. For more information on how to redeem an Amazon Gift Card please click here. 




What happens when I redeem points for PayPal cash? 

You will receive an email from Perceptive notifying you that your points have been redeemed (see example below). It will then take between 24 to 48 hours for the transaction to be completed.

As soon as it is complete, you will receive a separate email from PayPal confirming that the payment has been made. Click the link in this email message, log in to your account, and access your payment. 

  • Recipients who have selected a PayPal reward will need to make sure their panel account email address is the same as the PayPal account email address. 
  • Once you access your PayPal account, you will then be able to transfer the funds to your personal bank account or use the PayPal balance for online purchases. 
  • PayPal cash must be claimed within 30 days. 




What happens when I redeem points for GiftPay Online Gift Card? 

When you redeem points for an GiftPay online gift card you will instantly receive an email confirming your redemption was successful and includes a unique redemption code/link (see example below). Click on the link and choose where to spend your e.g. Mitre 10, Farmers, Liquorland, Mighty Ape and many other big brands (see the section below). 




How to choose where to spend my GiftPay Online Gift Card?  

When you click on the unique redemption code/link you are taken to Perceptive’s GiftPay portal. Now click on Select where to spend your flexi gift value.


Now you will be presented with options where you can spend your flexi gift card. Select View all to see the full range. 


After selecting where you want to spend your flexi gift card you will be taken to a screen similar to the one below. In this instance, we've selected a charity donation. To finalise your selection, click Get this eGift Card now.  


You’ll then be asked one final time to confirm your selection. After clicking Confirm you will not be able to change your selection



If you've selected a retail or food and beverage voucher, you will receive a notification like this pictured below. When you're ready to use it, click Use it now.


Follow the prompts and you'll receive a voucher code to use in store or online, depending on the terms and conditions of the voucher. As you can see in this example, this Domino's voucher can only be used for online orders.