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6 Ways Automation will Transform Your Customer Experience Management

Posted by Andres Sanchez - 07 October, 2014

6 Ways Automation will Transform Your Customer Experience Management

Increasing information accuracy and reliability, when capturing survey data and reporting is essential to developing customer satisfaction consistency. Having these measures in place will allow you to present customer experience management in a timely, sophisticated manner, allowing room to pinpoint key issues and also develop an action plan to address those key issues.  

Your staff are your greatest assets, whom allow you to expand as a company and exceed the targets set, in order to reach positive profit returns. Therefore the right information needs to be available to enable them to do so.  When it comes to customer experience management, it is key to ensure your staff have the ability to act on feedback rather than spending time collating it, hence an automated service is key to effective growth and performance.


Reliable accuracy

Getting accurate and reliable information is essential to reaching your performance goals. There are five steps to consider when implementing a reliable customer insights programme. These five steps are fully managed and taken care of, with the help of automated customer experience management software such as Customer Monitor: These steps include:


1. Speaking to the right people

Define and control the respondent group in order to reach a representative sample of the target audience. Ensure you are not speaking to the same people too little or too often. Customer Monitor’s resting periods are designed to manage this for you, which is easily open to human error and a huge impact on staff resource time.  

It is also important to be able to clearly define themes in results by each customer type and the various segmentation of your customer base.


2. Use only customer language

Make sure the questions used in the research are clearly understood by the respondents. Avoid asking too many questions.   Leveraging the right questions to research your customer base and still manage to gain the information you require; in a short period of time is a very strategic process.  

Best practice solutions such as the Net Promoter Score℠  are provided from Customer Monitor's automated service to ensure you are getting an all encompassing view with actionable outcomes.


3. Leveraging the right scales

In customer research there are two main approaches to consider when choosing the type of responses you want to gain from your customer base, for an all encompassing view.

  • Responses with words (semantic response) Example: Open ended questions with the ability to automatically change logic based on a response.  These open-ended questions are then themed by automated services to easily understand key areas of strength, weaknesses and improvements which can be made.
  • Response with numbers Example: On a scale 0-10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest, how likely are you to recommend this product or service?

It is advisable to incorporate a hybrid approach and an automated solution, such as Customer Monitor will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to analysing and collating sophisticated reports.


4. Analyse your research data

Having a market research platform in place that allow you to capture reliable data and analysis, making possible the development of accurate reports. This data capturing and pre-analysation process is possible by employing research algorithms.

Data is captured online and survey deployment is automated. By having these measures in place your company will save time and resource collecting and collating the results and rather spend time on actioning the outcomes of these.


5. Ability to act

Any customer experience management tool which provides value to a businesses will have the ability to provide 'At Risk Customer' Alerts for clients who have been identified as customers who are either at risk of leaving you and/or damaging your brand in the market.  

Without this information the company does not have the ability to save the true value of a customer and gain a return on investment.  Customer Monitor's 'MARC' (most at risk customer) notifications allow you to increase retention in the business.


Increased productivity

Conducting surveys, collecting and processing data manually are time consuming operations. These manual processes have limited productivity, and may have a direct impact in the way you do business in terms of time and resources invested.

However, having an automated system in place that will allow data capturing and reporting on a daily basis, such as Customer Monitor, will perform this service for you and enable you to make meaningful decisions that are designed to retain customers, boost referrals, drive performance and make your business more profitable over time.

Reducing the time it takes to deploy a report on survey while increasing the data accuracy by automating the survey deployment and data capture can lead to increases in both productivity and cost savings.

Conducting frequent surveys will allow you to reach more consistency across the group and easily test, measure, tune improvements being made, as well as place more emphasis on the results and the insights that come out of them than the process of collating them.


Bottom line savings 

  • Retention metrics in place allow to save MARCS (Most at Risk Customers)
  • Data Reported
  • The ability to increase NPS


Decreased burden on one person or department

Having old processes in place of capturing data such as paper surveys is inflexible and time consuming. We probably don’t need to spell out that it requires heavy reliance on time and people to enter data, process the information and generating the adequate reporting. 

Having an automated system in place that does this efficiently, allows you and your staff to focus on analysing these results and reporting and start developing the strategies and actions that will allow you to engage with your customer and grow your business therefore decreasing the burden of data processing and analysis over one person or department.


Stronger company culture 

Empowering employees is important in order to build up the company’s culture, acknowledging their ideas, and motivating them to contribute with suggestions about the company and its future fits in on fostering a positive organisational climate.

By reviewing the company’s performance results and working together to review dashboards and KPI’S based on customer experience, we build a strong company culture where everyone is involved in this exciting journey and works towards the same goal.


Integration amplifies all benefits 

There are several benefits when integrating CRM, and Customer Experience Management Software  and market research software such as Customer Monitor. It contributes to increase the process efficiency and effectiveness, it allows you to generate adequate reports, save time and resources allowing you to make meaningful decisions on a fast paced environment.


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