Brand Health Tracking

Informing brand strategies that deliver growth and deeper connections

A tailored approach to brand health


Every brand is unique—and your brand health tracking should be too. Rather than using a generic brand health model, a tailored approach ensures your brand health metrics are finely attuned to your brand's specific goals, target audience, competitors and industry intricacies. We'll work closely with you to gain an accurate evaluation of your brand's performance and help your organisation make smarter decisions, stand out in the crowd, and drive strategic growth.


What to expect from your brand tracking programme

Our approach to brand health market research


The best brands never stand still. With brand health tracking you can:

  • Uncover new thinking and insights about your brand and market.
  • Better connect with your customers and customer segments.
  • Prioritise improvements that will have the biggest impact.
  • Identify white space opportunities.
  • Inform and prioritise your marketing activities.
  • Measure the effectiveness and impact of your marketing activities.
  • Respond to competitor pressure.
  • Leverage the full potential of your brand.


We believe using generic brand tracking models create more questions than they answer. That's why we tailor every brand health tracker and brand equity model we create.

Our approach is to first understand your brand goals and aspirations, both immediate and long term. We evaluate category entry points, the journey category participants take, and the brand associations and perceptions they hold as well as the brand metrics you're using. This all informs a holistic brand tracking measurement framework tailored specifically to you.

From this, you'll gain a solid foundation for brand building and remain responsive to changes in your brand's ever-evolving landscape.

Our continuous testing, learning and innovation of your brand tracker will also mean you'll have access to a robust and steady stream of insights to drive actionable strategies that keep your organisation moving forward.

What to expect from your brand health tracking programme?


Award-winning experience

Our brand market research team has extensive experience in brand health tracking—both locally and globally. Big or small, we'll help you find the right solution for your brand.

Consultative approach

We believe in partnerships, not transactions. Our collaborative and consultative approach means we're happy to work alongside your in-house teams and creative agencies to develop effective brand, marketing and activation strategies that are informed by our research and tracking programmes.

Tailored framework, hyper-relevant results

Our tailored and targeted sampling framework guarantees we’ll capture meaningful brand metrics and engage directly with your exact audience of interest. This ensures that our data collection yields actionable intelligence, allowing us and you to make informed brand decisions.

Enriched, interconnected insights for brand building

Brand metrics only tell part of the story. So much so, we believe it is important, where possible, to integrate supplementary data sources, such as media spend (and channel) information and sales figures, into our brand health tracking programmes. By doing so, our analyses are enriched with contextual insights.

Visually intuitive results

We’re all about conveying data in a visually intuitive way to ensure even your most complex insights are easily understood. Every report and/or dashboard is designed to have a coherent narrative, presenting information in an engaging and clear manner. Additionally, our reports are enriched with expert commentary and actionable recommendations, providing you with comprehensive and valuable insights for informed decision-making.


What our clients say

“Perceptive has provided us with tangible insights that have allowed us to take a more strategic approach to the categories we play in and given us a clearer understanding of our current and future consumers.”

All Good Organics

“The study has been pivotal in giving us the confidence to make strategic calls. It has become our one source of truth."


“We have been using Perceptive for several years to track experience with our brand globally. The team are highly responsive, solution focused and a good bunch to deal with. It's a partnership we really value.”


“The Brand Vibrancy Tracker has been used across all levels of our business, from on the ground marketing and strategy teams all the way up to our executive teams. It helps refine direction and can accurately track if we are making the progress we need.”


Jaguar Land Rover

In 2018, Jaguar Land Rover enlisted Perceptive to run a brand tracking programme to identify any strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for Jaguar Land Rover. Over three rounds of brand tracking, Perceptive surveyed high-value vehicle owners and considerers to understand their path to purchase, reasons for advocacy, brand perceptions, along with their values, needs and aspirations. This helped Perceptive gauge Jaguar Land Rover’s brand equity and brand conversion. 

“We’ve been able to leverage this understanding to incorporate more emotional messaging into our advertising to show customers how our brands can fit into their lifestyles and reflect how they are seen by others,” says Luke Meurant, National Marketing Manager for Jaguar Land Rover.

As a result of Perceptive’s insights, Jaguar Land Rover has been able to leverage their vast and critical industry experience and enhance it with consumer-relevant insights. With each new round of brand tracking offering a chance to explore new areas of interest and answer questions critical to the business, Jaguar Land Rover is excited about the future findings they'll uncover. 


Since 2010, Perceptive has worked closely with the team at DairyNZ to uncover critical insights into their industry. The two core streams of this work are the Farmer Perception Tracker and the Public Perception Tracker, which are used to inform action that could be taken to improve public perception of the dairy sector and to understand the sentiment of dairy farmers towards DairyNZ. 

To build on this work further, in 2020 Perceptive and DairyNZ built a segmentation of New Zealanders based on their attitudes towards dairy and dairy farming. This segmentation uncovered specific drivers of favourability for each key segment, which helped ensure the dairy sector and dairy farmers were investing their efforts in the most meaningful areas. 

Neurological Foundation NZ

To inform their acquisition strategy, the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand commissioned Perceptive to run a comprehensive study. Aimed at providing insight into the type of donors that exist in New Zealand, the study explores the underlying drivers of donor behaviour, delves into public perceptions and attitudes towards the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand and its key competitors. 

Today, Perceptive annually measures and tracks the acquisition performance of the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand versus its key competitors, including assessing the impact of campaign activity, brand perceptions and donor attitudes. The insights from this programme go on to inform the foundation’s marketing, engagement, and future fundraising activity.

Introduction to brand tracking guide


Learn the ins and outs of brand health tracking in our free online guide, including the metrics and methodologies you should focus on to gain actionable insights for your brand strategy.