Employee Monitor

Engage and grow your employee experience and workplace culture. 

Create great employee experiences


In today’s contest for talent, it is crucial for businesses to offer superb employee experiences to attract and retain their best staff and keep them engaged. 

Our enterprise-level employee experience (EX) management solution, Employee Monitor, is designed to help you gather and analyse employee feedback to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in your workplace culture. 

Using the power of the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), this Voice of Employee programme gives you the ability to harness actionable EX insights to improve employee wellbeing, retention and loyalty–all through an easy-to-use and intelligent, online dashboard. 

Our series of employee engagement questions can be tailored to your organisation, allowing you to gather powerful insights into your company culture, such as where you are excelling and how you can improve employee experiences and lift employee satisfaction.

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What you can expect


Employee NPS 

Gain a holistic, actionable view of staff advocacy and sentiment towards your workplace, and how it compares to your industry.


Measure and track employee engagement 

Understand how engaged your employees are by exploring important areas such as opportunities for learning and development and how meaningful they perceive their contribution to be. 


Gain staff retention insights 

Find out how long your employees plan to stay with your company and the reasons driving this intention. 


Understand and improve well-being 

Get a read on how your workplace well-being is fairing, from work-life balance and stress levels to diversity and inclusion topics.  


Grow using voice of employee feedback

Direct employee feedback to grow your employee experience and workplace culture to develop a strong employment brand. 


Compare performance

Uncover which teams, divisions and offices are struggling and which are thriving—and explore why.  


Protect employee privacy 

Perceptive is an independent insights agency that guarantees anonymity. This giveemployees peace of mind that they can provide honest feedback without suffering any repercussions. 

Tools to transform workplaces.

It has given our leaders better visibility on the challenges their teams are facing—and the great things they are already doing.


We have been using Perceptive for multiple years to provide support not just for our business in NZ but globally. The team are highly responsive, solution focused and a good bunch to deal with. This is my business and I want to work with people who can help us be better and the team at Perceptive are doing that.

Salt Recruitment

The Perceptive tool/service is very comprehensive with valuable information collation. The Team are very helpful, friendly and quick to provide support. Perceptive have offered us the ability to customise the way we use the survey links to suit our business model.

AKS Industries

The true value the team at Perceptive add to our business, which in turn leads to greater customer loyalty is priceless. The insights that the surveys produce through the team are a key metric for us.

Steel & Tube

We’ve been delighted with the service, with the tool itself, and the diagnostics. It directs our focus and allows us to measure and track improvements. It’s created better experiences for our people and helped our business grow and mature.

Empired + Intergen

Empired + Intergen

Clients using Employee Monitor

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