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What it is?

The Perceptive Omnibus provides a nationally representative (age, gender and location) sample of 1,000 New Zealanders (aged 18 and over) every month. It’s the perfect research vehicle to validate New Zealand public and consumer opinions, attitudes and behaviours quickly and cost-effectively.

How does it work?

Organisations can buy question slots in our monthly Omnibus survey–making it an affordable and effective way to generate fast and reliable insights.

Tabulated results can be expected the second week* of the following month and full reports the third week*. Results are weighted according to age, location, and gender using Statistics New Zealand census data, this ensures the sample is representative of the New Zealand population.

*December delivery timeframes do fluctuate year-to-year based on office closure dates. 



How much does it cost?

Rates for the Perceptive Omnibus survey are: 

  • $750 + GST per question, with cross-tabulated results
  • $1,000 + GST per question, with full reporting
  • Grid question - first three statements covered in question cost, additional statements charged at 50% of the question cost. 

We can accommodate a range of consumer and qualifying criteria to ensure your questions are only answered by New Zealanders who match your target audience.

What questions can I ask? 

The Perceptive Omnibus survey can accommodate a range of question formats. As part of this service, one of our research consultants can help you determine the right questions to ask and achieve your research goals. Where matrix/grid style formats are appropriate the first two statements will be the charged at the per question rate. Each additional statement will be charged at  50% of the per question rate. 


When do I need to have my questions in by?

The Omnibus generally goes out on the 15th of every month (or next business day). We ask that all questions are finalised, signed off and with us by the 10th of every month. Space is limited, so to avoid disappointment we recommend getting in touch a few weeks in advance to book your place. 



“The Perceptive Omnibus has been instrumental in uncovering what's on the minds of the New Zealand public across the broad range of industries that our clients work within. It has been really useful, repeatedly providing us with valuable insights to support our clients’ PR strategy.”


— Claudia Macdonald, Managing Director, Mango Communications




Who uses the Perceptive Omnibus?

PR and advertising agencies, government, not-for-profit organisations, brands and businesses who want to tap into consumer and employee opinions use the Perceptive Omnibus survey.

Our clients use the results of the Omnibus to:

  • Understand the impact of Covid-19 on consumer attitudes and preferences.
  • Poll public opinion on breaking news stories or emerging trends.
  • Gauge brand health, from awareness to advocacy.
  • Test the impact of pricing and promotions on consumer purchase behaviour.
  • Determine perceptions towards new concepts and product /service development.
  • Generate media interest and establish thought leadership.
  • Evaluate changes to brand positioning/messaging.
  • Test advertising copy and creative, including imagery and video.
  • Identify opportunities to optimise communication channels and content mix.
  • Support new business pitches.
  • Reputation and crisis management.

Omnibus limitations

The Omnibus survey is best suited to situations where the research outcomes are simple and tightly defined, requiring only a few questions, and the results are needed quickly to support decision making. Omnibus insights are often tactical in nature and are not typically used to direct long-term strategies, except in the case where they serve as a foundation for future research. 

If you are interested in doing more specific research relating to your business and/or industry, click below.

Karma Drinks and All Good Organics have been very fortunate to work with the incredibly talented team at Perceptive. The Perceptive Omnibus has provided both of our brands with tangible insights that have allowed us to take a more strategic approach to the categories we play in. Having clarity around the health of our brand, along with drivers for purchase has given us a clearer understanding of our current and future consumers.” — Faye MacGregor, GM All Good Organics.