At Perceptive Research we firmly believe that our people are our business

Our awesome team

We have an award winning team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, designers, developers and brand strategists all of whom contribute to the success of our business and those of our clients.

Aimee Le Verne Office Administrator

Aimee Le Verne
Office Administrator

daniel.png Group General Manager

Daniel Shaw
Group General Manager

Hayley Clinning Data Scientist

Hayley Clinning
Data Scientist

jimmy.png Business Analyst

Jimmy Anderson
Business Analyst

Madison Bate Account Director

Madison Bate
Account Director

Nikky.png Creative Content Marketer

Nikky Lee
Creative Content Marketer

sam.png Account Manager

Sam Tremaine
Account Manager - Customer Monitor

Anita-Taewa.png Data Analytics

Anita Taewa
Data Analytics - Team Leader

damian.png Account Strategist

Damian Bennett
Account Strategist

jason.png Sr. Software Developer

Jason Chen
Senior Software Developer

Jack.png Senior Content Marketer

Jack Medland-Slater
Senior Content Marketer

Marc Research Analyst

Marc Lambert
Research Analyst

nick.png Group Account Director

Nick Hall
Group Account Director

Tiare Courtnay Finance Assistant

Tiare Courtnay
Finance Assistant

Andrea Creative Director

Andrea Laurie
Creative Director

erin.png Research Consultant

Kenneth Chan
Research Consultant

joshua.png Sr. Account Director

Joshua Jo
Senior Account Director

Jack Perkins Data Engineer

Jack Perkins
Data Engineer

marsha.png Data Analyst

Marsha Ma-Fairbrother
Data Analyst

sammie.png Account Manager

Sammie Parkinson
Account Manager - Customer Monitor

tomas.png Sr. Account Director

Tomas Dickson
Senior Account Director

casey.png Research Analyst

Casey Brahne
Research Analyst

gail.png Intermediate Developer

Gail Quick
Intermediate Software Developer

joanna.png Research Director

Joanna Gamble
Research Director

karin.png Sr. Software Developer

Karin Marais
Senior Software Developer

michelle.png General Manager

Michelle Donaldson
General Manager - Growth

oliver.png Head of Research

Oliver Allen
Head of Research

chris.png CEO

Chris Pescott

cadell.png General Manager

Cadell McMillian
GM of Operations

hong.png Data Analyst

Hong Shin
Data Analyst

jackson.png Data Analyst

Jackson Humphries
Data Analyst

karen.png Sr. Research Consultant

Karen McDonnell
Senior Research Consultant

matt.png Head of Creative&Content

Matt van der Loos
Head of Creative&Content

rachael.png Sr Research Consultant

Rachael Desmond
Senior Research Consultant

chrisjan.png General Manager

Chrisjan Thomson
GM of Finance

hallie.png Account Director

Hallie Good
Account Director - Customer Monitor

joe.png Sr. Software Developer

Jo Chen
Senior Software Developer

lucie.png Creative Designer

Lucie Blazevska
Creative Designer

Natalia.png Research Analyst

Natalia Cabaj
Research Analyst

sarah.png Group Account Director

Sarah Rhodes
Group Account Director

We are more than just research

The Perceptive Group is one of Australasia's leading customer intelligence agencies with three fundamental divisions —Perceptive Research (insight-led strategy), Customer Monitor (customer experience management) and Perceptive Inbound (research driven digital marketing).

Part of the Clemenger Group, we provide our clients with unmatched capability across the marketing services spectrum.


Inbound & Content Marketing

Perceptive Inbound is a growth-focused, research-driven solution, allowing you to  scale your business by attracting new leads that you nurture into loyal customers. You’ll generate quality leads through creating relevant and engaging content.


Customer Experience

Our Customer Monitor team (recently a Deloitte Fast 50 winner) focuses on delivering client retention through excellent customer experience by delivering insights into your customer feedback via an interactive, real-time dashboard.

Reaching for the stars

Our vision is to be the most holistic research company in Australasia, focusing on bringing insights to the table, helping clients execute the findings of the research and drive business performance.

World class in every sense

We want to be the most loved marketing services company in Australasia, and we currently have a Net Promoter Score of +72. An NPS over 50 is considered a “world class” score for customer advocacy.

Our people are our business

We have an award winning team of highly skilled researchers, analysts, designers, developers and brand strategists all of whom contribute to the success of our business and those of our clients.

The proof is in the pudding

Our team has won a number of prestigious awards such as the Deloitte Fast 50 (celebrating New Zealand's fastest growing companies) the AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards, and our CEO has been a named finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

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