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What we do

As a market research company, we uncover insights into the behaviours, attitudes and relationships that shape the everyday lives of your customers.

This allows us to uncover what really connects people with brands—the moments that matter, the touchpoints that stick, the experiences that define their interactions with your business.

What follows is an exciting revelation of new opportunities for brand growth and the creation of truly world-class customer experiences.

Whatever your customer and market research needs, we have the team, the capability, the technology, the scale and the experience to deliver.

World class Skill

How we help grow brands and enrich experiences


Customer insights

Know your customer, grow your business. Our team is able to discover the attitudes and beliefs of your customers and what motivates their behaviour. Every report is designed to illuminate their needs, provide a deeper understanding of their decision-making process and ultimately uncover exciting new opportunities for growth.

Digital marketing insights

With each person having access to over three devices, a significant portion of the customer journey now takes place online. We leverage technology to combine traditional research methodologies with social listening, sentiment analysis and digital behavioural tracking to deliver richer insights that drive stronger digital marketing results.


Data centralisation and analytics

Today we have access to more customer data than ever before, but this data is equally as fragmented and fractured. Our team is able to combine data from multiple sources and different technology platforms to create a powerful unified customer view. This unification leads to the discovery of profitable new insights through multi-layered customer segmentation and modelling.


Brand and market research

Remove the risk with the right research. Whether you’re looking for opportunities to increase your market share or grow brand equity, our experts will find the gaps in the market that you are perfectly positioned to capitalise on. We’ll then work with you to help determine which commercialisation strategies will deliver the greatest return on investment.

Customer experience (CX) enhancement

Today’s consumer is more discerning than ever. Provide the experience they demand with our CX programmes that are tailored to capture hearts, grow bottom lines and transform organisational cultures. Let our CX experts guide you on becoming a world leader in customer experience. We think your customers deserve it. 


Insight activation and marketing strategy

Customer insights are the building blocks of brand awareness and growth. Only when we know the real heart and mind of a customer can we forge relevant and meaningful relationships. With this in mind, our marketing and creative teams will work with you to refine your online presence and create optimised, insights-led campaigns that connect with your customers how, when and where they prefer.


As one of the leading market research companies in NZ, we know what to look for, and where and how to uncover the insights that deliver real impact to your business.

Case Studies

Why us

Actionable insights

Our team knows what to look for, where and how to uncover the insights that drive action and spark positive change that leads to bigger and better things.

Strategic direction

Our research services provide direction by helping clients develop powerful insight-led strategies that empower them to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Research technology

Our advanced, interactive research technology opens up a new world of richer, deeper, commercially impactful insights.