Customer Pulse

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A roadmap to improved customer experience and business growth.

Customer-driven business transformation and growth

Customer Pulse can support and guide you to achieve service excellence. We'll help you:

  • Turn insights into action.
  • Set targets and benchmarking.
  • Improve customer experience.
  • Improve and drive data governance.
  • Build the right foundations for sustainable change.
  • Develop and drive a high-performance culture.

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Our award winning programme

2018 Australian Winner – Project of the Year, Continuous Improvement

2019 International High Commendation – Project of the Year, Continuous Improvement

Customer Pulse led the project and achieved the complex build and roll out of the NPS program across an Australian NSW Government organisation and its agencies. The customer program was built over five years based on the customer feedback and transformed an adversarial organisation into a customer centric organisation by changing the way it operated internally and externally.

2019 International Winner – Customer Pulse: Customer Service Executive of the Year

2020 International Winner – Customer Pulse: Customer Service Executive of the Year

Customer Pulse Director, Tony Pescott, won awards for his contribution to Customer Service Excellence in Finance, Banking and Insurance Industries. He was recognised nationally and internationally as the best in class.

2020 Service Champion – Project of the Year, Service Transformation

Customer Pulse built and rolled out eight unique customer service frameworks across multiple business units in an Australian Insurance Organisation. The customised customer service frameworks allow each business unit to achieve its objectives and regulatory requirements while providing strategic and operational monitoring and tracking of the end customer experience at a group level.


What you can expect


A foundation for change

Success ultimately depends on how much an organisation can evolve from the way it currently operates. We support your strategic direction with training in leadership, governance, systems, processes and policies, reward and recognition, and capability uplift.


Service excellence outcomes

Track, measure and report your customer metrics to help build a better customer experience and drive service excellence. Empower your people to deliver and drive operational efficiency.


Easy and meaningful reporting

Our reporting makes it easy to assess how your business, teams, products and services are performing and to track continuous improvements.


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Actionable insights

We take your understanding of what your customers value and align it with what your customers expect and experience and what your business is providing. These insights will help you continually improve on that experience until it exceeds your customers’ expectations.


A high-performing culture

We help you upskill and uplift your team, transforming your business into a positive, high performing organisation to fulfil customer promises and achieve business performance.


Our expert advisory service at every step

With our guided framework, you can measure where your organisation is on its journey to improve customer service delivery.

Start your customer experience transformation today. Build the tools, knowledge, governance and culture to truly transform your business for growth.



Our framework

Customer Pulse provides expertise and support to businesses in operations, service, financial, learning and growth areas.

Our advisory team will work with you to build actionable insights and achieve continuous improvements to maximise the effectiveness of your spending on customer deliverables.


Operational perspective

Foundation insights
• Foundation
• Build
• Launch


Service perspective

Customer transformation
• Reporting
• People
• Actions and initiatives
• Customer

cp_icon_service copy

Financial perspective

Business transformation
• Gap analysis
• Growth
• Benefit realisation


Learning and growth perspective

Staff culture transformation
• People
• Training and coaching
• Mastery

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*The Customer Pulse framework is aligned to the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS: 2020-2025).