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Thank you. Two magic words for delivering a great customer experience

Posted by Nikky Lee - 07 May, 2018


If you conduct regular Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to get customer feedback, gauge sentiment, brand health and likelihood for repeat business, chances are you’ll know who your most valuable customers are.

These are the customers who give you a perfect score—10 out of 10, five stars, couldn’t have done any better. They are your most valuable promoters (MVPs), and it sometimes pays to thank them for it. Here’s why:


It doubles-down on a great experience

Reaching out and thanking an MVP is an excellent way to top off a great customer experience. Imagine being on the receiving end of a great product or service that went so above and beyond expectations that you gave the business a perfect score; then a representative calls up to let you know they noticed, and that they appreciate it.

That could be enough to turn a one-time purchaser into a lifelong customer.


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They give great testimonials

Happy customers give great reviews and testimonials. Asking your top promoters to provide a testimonial about your business is a powerful way to grow word-of-mouth and brand trust. It fact, a strong testimonial can be the cherry on the cake for convincing potential customers to do business with you.

Note: Don’t pester too hard for testimonials—even if an MVP has agreed to give one. Being too pushy could lead to lower NPS scores in the future.


How to prioritise your MVPs

Depending on the size of your business, it may not be practical to contact every MVP who gives your business a high score—sometimes you have to prioritise. For example, you may choose to order them by:

  • Those have been uncontacted the longest since the survey.
  • Those most valuable to your business (e.g. those in a segment that does a lot of business with you),
  • Those with the highest net promoter scores (i.e. a 10).

If you are a Customer Monitor user, keeping track of your MVPs and prioritising them is quick and easy; find out more about this here.


Always check the notes

Before you contact your MVPs, check up on their previous interactions with you. Just like a patient file at a doctor’s office, you and your team should keep notes about the customer and their experiences with your business. Always check these before you get in touch, not everyone wants to be contacted; some may feel awkward and not like the attention, while others with unresolved issues are at risk of being riled.

Once you’ve been in touch, remember to mark that customer as “contacted”.  A thank you call might go down well the first time, but probably not a second or third time.


Share their feedback

Last of all, don’t forget to share the feedback from your top promoters with your wider team, especially if they had a role in creating a great customer experience for an MVP. Not only does it reinforce that they are doing the right thing, but it’s a great morale booster too.


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