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Understand how New Zealanders spend their money.

Add a new layer to your customer understanding.

Gain a complete picture of your customers’ spending behaviour and make smarter, better-informed decisions about the way your operate with Ada.

Ada combines Paymark’s EFTPOS transaction data—the largest of its kind in New Zealand with over 1 billion transactions a year—with Perceptive’s data science and visualisation capabilities to create a powerful business intelligence tool.

Explore and analyse how your customers spend with your brand and in your category at large with Ada’s fully-visual, self-service dashboard, complete with multiple tabs and filters to drill into the data.

Ada can also integrate your organisations own data sources, allowing you to directly assess your performance against the rest of your category.

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With Ada you can:

Unlock category level insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Understand the impact of your campaigns

Uncover the impact of loyalty

Gain regional insights

ada-icon_category-insights Unlock category level insights

Assess market trends and competitor performance to understand how your brand is performing overall within your wider category and subcategories.

ada-icon_customers Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Learn how your customers interact with your brand and your competitors, from how frequently they shop, how much they spend when they visit, and what other brands are in their repertoire.

ada-icon_retention-acquisition Understand the impact of your campaigns

Uncover the impact of your promotional campaigns on your brand and category performance and understand if they are bringing new customers into your brand and/or encouraging your existing customers to spend more with you.

ada-icon_loyalty Uncover the impact of loyalty

Understand how loyal your customers are to your category and brand, including what other brands are in your customers repertoire (both in and out of category) and the influence of marketing and promotions.

ada-icon_regional Gain regional insights

Assess the regional performance of your brand relative to competitors and see how hard your store or region-specific promotions are working for both you and your wider category.

Marketing insights

Ada helps marketers understand:

  • The market trends you need to be  aware of and how to leverage them. 
  • How your promotions are driving your brand and overall category performance. 
  • Whether your campaigns are bringing in new customers and/or increasing spend from existing customers. 
  • What customer behaviour you need to drive to grow your brand. 
  • How loyal is your customer base is.  

Sales insights

Ada helps salespeople understand:

  • How your stores and regions compare to your competitors.  
  • Whether there is an opportunity to gain more of your customers’ spend in your category. 
  • Whether your regional-specific promotions are working to increase your share of wallet and/or drive category growth 
  • If you’re targeting customers at the key times of day for purchase. 

Clients using these insights


Why Ada?

Personalised to you

Each Ada dashboard is set up for your unique brand and category. We can apply and create a range of filters and bespoke tabs to your dashboard that are specific to your business needs.

Powered by Power BI

No cap on user logins and no charge per login. Our experts will provide you with training on how to use Ada to its fullest capabilities. There is also an option to add in bespoke analysis and reporting to your subscription.


How does the setup process work?

Ada is customisable to your business, including categories and brands, time periods and can include your owned data sources, such as media spend. The setup is a collaborative process with your business as part of the onboarding.

What fees can I expect?

Subscriptions start at $2000 per month, with multiple pricing tiers depending on your business requirements.

We will work with you to find the best plan for your business.

We do not charge by licence, meaning you can have as many users as you need on Ada.

There is a one-time set up fee.

How many logins/users can I have?

Ada is accessed via PowerBI. You do not need an existing license to get access, it is all taken care of by Perceptive.

How much coverage does Ada's data have?

Paymark data covers 70 per cent of all in-store transactions in New Zealand and around 25 per cent of all online transactions. This coverage differs by category and is something we will work through during setup.

Where is Ada's team located if I have questions?

Just as Ada uses New Zealand data, we are a New Zealand-based team with local support. If you had any additional questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How far back can I access my business reporting?

Ada's data goes back to 2019.

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