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The 3 top Net Promoter Score industries in New Zealand [2018]

Posted by Perceptive Insights Team - 24 July, 2018

The 3 top NPS benchmarks industries New ZealandEver wondered which industry people are recommending the most in New Zealand, and why? Based on the latest figures from our own NPS benchmarks reports, we’ve looked at the industries with the highest NPS.

Below are the top performing NPS industries that we have listed in our latest report. Might come as a bit of a surprise to some!

The 3 top performing industries in New Zealand

  1. Veterinarian (44)

  2. Charities (35)

  3. Fitness (30)


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Man's best friend

Vets are, once again, topping the charts for customer satisfaction. It appears to be hard to be disappointed with the healthcare professionals that keep Fido around for another year!

This is particularly impressive when considering the relatively high cost of pet care in New Zealand in comparison to other services.

Clearly, us Kiwis are receiving a stellar service in return for our hard-earned dollars, as complaints are relatively few and far between and people seem happy to recommend their vets to their friends and family.


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Feeling charitable

Charities are a close second to veterinarians, coming in at a solid 35 overall.

While charities may not offer exactly the same kind of service as other industries—there are no goods or services exchanged in the transactions—customer experience still remains an important part of their 'business strategy'.

After all, if people are giving your organisation money without expecting anything in return except for the knowledge they are being altruistic, you have to provide something especially valuable in the experience!


Fit for (customer) service

In a solid third place comes gyms and swimming pools, collectively known as fitness services. 

Personal health is a growing concern for many Kiwis, and considering the place that sporting activities like rugby, football and cricket holds in our cultural heart, it's unsurprising that many of our countrymen are looking for a decent place to improve their fitness.

And it appears they are finding it, and recommending their preferred places to their friends too. Perhaps it's something to do with the endorphins after a good workout?


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