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Pricing & Product Strategy

Turn your underperforming product around and increase your market share

Our Pricing & Product Strategy helps you increase your market share and sales. By developing a solid strategy we’ll locate your brands’ optimal price point, in order to deliver maximum growth for your brand.

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Competitor Analysis

Gain clarity on your market position and know what your competitors are up to

Our Competitor Analysis sheds light on where you are in the market, uncovering profitable opportunities.

Understanding your SWOT (strengths / weaknesses / opportunities / threats) is crucial for positioning for new product and service lines.

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Real-time Brand Insights

Understand your current brand position, sentiment and awareness - and adopt the right strategy to reach your goals.

Our revolutionary, real-time Brand Monitoring solution gives you an in-depth view of how your brand is performing in the market, and enlightens as to where you should go in order to drive authentic and consistent conversations with your target audience.

Brand Monitor completely changes the playing field of brand monitoring, enabling gain actionable insights to implement straight away (and we mean straight away).

This means you can be a more forward-thinking business (rather than operating by rare vision. You’re no longer tracking your brand because you “have to”, you’re actually maximising the value of your marketing campaigns.

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Brand Monitor

Brand Monitor

Our revolutionary, real-time Brand Monitoring platform brings your insights to life, allowing you to be proactive and empowering you to make decisions.

Always informed, always empowered. Make smarter decisions and minimise exposure to underperforming marketing initiatives.

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Market Segmentation

Identify your true target market audience and know where to invest your marketing spend

Our Market Segmentation solution allows you to unearth new opportunities within untapped market segments, and develop and understand the different personas of your target audience. Persona development gives you the knowledge and confidence to attract and convert your target audience by delivering relevant key messaging.

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Customer Monitor Platform

Customer Monitor

Customer Monitor is powerful customer retention software allowing you to get real-time insights into the minds of your consumers, in order to grow your business.

Customer Monitor helps you boost your customer loyalty levels, get more referrals and even engage your employees through highly valuable data.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our clients think

The Perceptive Research team will be invaluable partners for our business going forward. The insights developed since we started working together over the past 5 months have lead to a restructuring of our business and a renewed focus on our customer needs. The decisiveness and direction they provide are quite unique and have been on the money so far.

Perceptive Research are an outstanding research company. Keen to help, a pleasure to deal with, and very professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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