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Perceptive staff give back to the community

Posted by Perceptive Team - 10 July, 2022

Perceptive and Proximity teams working on the gardens in Ambury Park. Last Thursday Perceptive staff took to the gardens, streets and schools of Auckland as part of the Proximity Network's annual give back day. School science kits were restocked at Wesley Intermediate, breakfast served and food parcels packed at the Auckland City Mission, gardens spruced at the Ambury Park Centre, and condom packs prepared for the NZ Aids Foundation. 

"The give back initiative is more than simply getting away from the office for the day, it’s about thanking our not-for-profits for the incredibly important work they do and putting good back into the community," says Daniel Shaw, Managing Director at Perceptive. 

Science kit assembly at Wesley College

School science kit assembly at Wesley Intermediate. In true Perceptive fashion, the team grew curious about the rocket kit and decided a test run was needed to ensure it was all in working order. 

Testing a water rocket at Wesley Intermediate.

Perceptive team putting together a science kit about cows and the dairy industry


Condom packing with the NZ Aids Foundation to be given away for free at bars, events, and also sent out to people who request them online.

Perceptive team members packing condoms for the NZ Aids Foundation
Perceptive team members packing condoms for the NZ Aids Foundation

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