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Perceptive unveils annual ‘State of the Investor Nation’ report for Kiwi Wealth

Posted by Perceptive Team - 15 August, 2022

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New Zealand’s leading research agency, Perceptive, has released its latest ‘State of the Investor Nation’ report for Kiwi Wealth. The report is in its fifth year, looking at the perceptions of wealth and approaches to wealth creation of all New Zealanders.


Perceptive conducted the survey online in June 2022, targeting New Zealanders over the age of 18, using a nationwide sampling framework. Over 2000 responses were collected. The results were then weighted to Statistics New Zealand census data (including gender, age, and location) to discover how confident Kiwis feel in financial and property markets and their aspirations for investment.

Jackson Humphries, Senior Research Consultant at Perceptive, says the latest report for Kiwi Wealth echoes sentiments shown across the media landscape; that there is an increasing financial strain on New Zealanders, with almost half saying they have serious concerns about the cost of living, which is taking a toll on their wider wellbeing.

According to the results, those who were highly concerned about their financial situation were three times more likely to be unhappy, 1.6 times more likely to be stressed, and four times more likely to have poorer wellbeing.

However, despite these concerns and the level of confidence in the economy dropping to 53% from 70% a year ago, the report does identify that as investors and savers, people are holding steady.

“There has been a continued trend towards more Kiwis making changes to their risk parameters, investment terms, and desired rates of return, suggesting growing engagement between New Zealanders and their investments,” Humphries adds.

The report highlights that New Zealand has a record amount in KiwiSaver at the moment, 69%, while over half (56%) of Kiwis said they would no longer consider investing in cryptocurrency despite its rise in popularity over the years.

Daniel Shaw, Managing Director at Perceptive says, “The changing attitudes of New Zealanders over the last five years of running this survey for Kiwi Wealth has been fascinating. We’ve seen Kiwis go from investing in crypto to pulling back and becoming more conservative and trusting in saving accounts like KiwiSaver.

“For our team at Perceptive, it highlights the benefits of tracking sentiments over time and why qualitative and quantitative data is important to building out a true picture of what is happening across a national demographic.

The pendulum is always shifting, and to be truly in touch with your brand's core customers and the nation's state, it takes time and research.”

To find out more about Kiwi Wealth’s ‘State of the Investor Nation’ report visit: https://www.kiwiwealth.co.nz/soin22




ABOUT PERCEPTIVE: Perceptive is Australasia’s leading technology-based customer insights agency. Perceptive provides research, insights and data-driven marketing programmes to a variety of organisations across the Asia-Pacific, North America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India.

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