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In the news: Stop Press reports on Perceptive's COVID-19 Insights

Posted by Perceptive Team - 15 April, 2020

News of our COVID-19 Insights Tracker has reached the ears of Stop Press

Designed to help businesses understand what Kiwis are thinking and feeling during lockdown, the COVID-19 Insights Tracker is helping our clients and businesses across New Zealand stay connected to their customers during these uncertain times.

Of particular interest to Stop Press was the changes to brand perceptions over the lockdown period. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 1.12.58 PM

Read the full article here.


About the tracker

As the COVID-19 situation unfolds we are regularly reaching out to Kiwis, including business owners, to understand their current headspace. We are committed to providing this information free of charge as our way of making a difference where we can. 

The content of this tracker evolves each week. However, the core areas will remain consistent and include: 

  • Wellbeing and emotions – how people are feeling.
  • The level of concern towards COVID-19.
  • How COVID-19 is impacting people’s lives.
  • How well people feel they are handling the lockdown.
  • How well informed people are feeling.
  • How they are changing their purchase behaviour.
  • What they are expecting of brands/businesses right now.


For business owners/decision makers, we are also probing into:

  • The level of impact on their business.
  • How they are being most impacted.
  • What help and support do they need.

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